Manage your entire supply chain in one place

From prequalification to performance evaluations, manage all the moving pieces of your supply chain in Felix.

Learn how procurement teams use Felix for:



Relationship management

Improved visibility and shared knowledge

Capture complete information from vendors to build a centralised source of truth for your entire supply chain. Keep data clear and accessible, so important requirements aren’t missed. Connect procurement and HSEQ teams with relevant information to share knowledge with the people who need it.


Overall reduction in time spent onboarding a vendor

“The Felix platform delivers time effective, comprehensive vendor management that suits Abergeldie’s needs. The Felix team is easy to work with and deal with issues quickly and effectively.”

Trent Cheesley, Systems Manager

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure

Build healthy supply chains through empowered vendors

Strengthen relationships in your supply chain with a collaborative approach to working with vendors. Give them an intuitive account to autonomously maintain the ongoing accuracy of their business information, service offerings, and compliance requirements. You’ll spend less time chasing, and more time focused on actual vendor management.

All your tools for vendor management under one roof

  • Onboarding

    Start with a self service experience for vendors to complete a simple business questionnaire.

  • Self-service onboarding

    Invite vendors via public EOI registration pages or automated emails.

  • Simple questionnaire

    Create a questionnaire to capture key business and financial information.

  • Services categorisation

    Enable vendors to assign their goods and services into structured categories.

  • Prequalification

    Add tailored HSEQ requirements to your questionnaire and unify all vendor-related information.

  • Detailed questionnaire

    Use the vendor’s risk profile to collect more data with dynamic question categories and form fields.

  • License & insurances

    Link compliance requirements to relevant sections and store uploaded documents securely.

  • Review & approval

    Track each vendor’s progress and start multi-user evaluations within your teams for completed applications.

  • Relationship management

    Work together as teams to leverage accurate vendor data for smarter decision making.

  • Profiles

    Store, share and grow knowledge about your vendors.

  • Categories

    Quickly identify vendors by service offerings and location.

  • Compliance monitoring

    View, validate and remind vendors about ongoing compliance.

  • Business tags

    Identify and filter vendors by unique business attributes.

  • Interactions log

    Keep an auditable trail of all activity between your teams and vendors.

  • Performance tracking

    Build weighted criteria to evaluate vendor performance.

Give your teams a shared hub to invite, review, and manage your supply chain together