The hub for your sourcing activities

From large-scale projects to ongoing maintenance, Felix is where your teams collaborate to make centralised, informed sourcing decisions.

Learn how procurement teams use Felix for:

Rapid Sourcing

Complex Sourcing

Keep sourcing efficient

Initiate compliant sourcing events quickly by centralising your Source-to-Contract procurement process. Teams can work together to plan and release RFx, then track, evaluate, and engage vendors with valuable process efficiency. Leverage Felix’s built-in capabilities to make it easy to follow process.

"Felix's RFQ tool removes the need for document and resource heavy processes, providing transparency and probity to ensure that we meet our legislative obligations."

Louise Reidy, Strategic Procurement Coordinator

South Burnett Regional Council

Gain more control and visibility

With the whole project in Felix, teams can share valuable insights with the right people, meet important deadlines and make accountable spending decisions. Access to the full context of a sourcing event removes friction between procurement and project delivery teams, helping you go from quotes gathering to kickoff in less time.

  • Rapid Sourcing

    Drive systematic and strategic sourcing to get quick results for low value, high frequency projects.

  • Panel management

    Store Preferred Supplier Agreements, formulate sourcing scenarios and browse relevant vendors.

  • Contracted rates

    Centralise agreed rates by region, goods and services.

  • Engagements

    Leverage established panels and contracted rates to efficiently create requisitions orders.

  • Complex sourcing

    Gain control and complete visibility through intelligent sourcing across high value, high risk projects.

  • RFx builder

    Create detailed RFx without hassle, saving time with smart form questions and mandatory inclusions.

  • Intelligent vendor matching

    Release RFx to relevant vendors based on location and goods or services requested.

  • Progress tracking

    Maintain visibility into each vendor’s progress for every sourcing event.

  • Financial comparison

    Build or import detailed pricing schedules so you can later compare complex bids from vendors.

  • Communications centre

    Manage RFIs, Addenda and Notices in one place, keeping all involved up-to-date.

  • Document management

    Stay organised by building a library of version controlled documents related to the RFx.

Give your teams a shared hub to invite, review, and manage your supply chain together